COTW: Hey, Come Listen to This Song

Let me start off this COTW with a lil topical (like, probably) throwback:

Okay, we good? Because that's what I've got, intro-wise. 

First comment! From "I Interviewed Donald Trump and It Just Made Me Feel Sorry for Him": 

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I'm glad that, here at xoJane, we can always focus on the logistical puzzles in pieces that would otherwise get glossed over. Is anyone else reminded of that scene from Demon In The Freezer, where they're looking at the weaponized anthrax and it's floating off the spoon? That's what I imagine intrepid xoJane commenters doing with that cocaine to see if, indeed, it would "poof."

And from Marci's InStyle re-post, "I Tried an IV Hangover 'Cure,' Which Is Apparently a Normal Thing to Do at Work These Days"...

I mean, that's just good advice.

Anyways, hope everyone's having a chill weekend. (I'm not!!!!!)

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